The History Of The Historic Hollywood Theater

Built by dentist and developer Frank Hoeschler in 1936, the Hollywood was once the city’s premier cinema. It was the golden age of cinema in La Crosse, with such theaters as The Majestic, The Rivoli, and The Hollywood all catering to the public's need for an occasional escape from the daily routine of living in a depression era economy.

The Hollywood promised that escape, and much more. The funishings in the theater were opulent, as was the now legendary chandelier that hung from its ceiling. Although created in an Art Deco style, the 1,000 seats were as plush as one would find at home in front of the fire.

By the 1970's The Hollywood had fallen on hard times, as had the other theaters in downtown La Crosse. The Majestic had been torn down years before, making way for a parking lot. The Rivoli had closed, and The Hollywood was hanging on...barely. By the 1980's the public had found a new entertainment venue; shopping malls, where they could dine, shop and see a movie. All without ever going back to the historic center of La Crosse, and the home of The Hollywood.

In the 1990's the theater was momentarily brought back to life, then sold to the Children's Museum of La Crosse. After only two years, it was sold again to an out of town buyer, who staged a few live concerts there, and closed the theater for good, stripping it of every ornamentation, every seat, everything that was, or was not, bolted down.

In 2012, The Hollywood Theater was purchased by Phil and Julie Addis, and is undergoing renovation. Much is needed to be done, from the roof to the basement. Although much has been accomplished and completed, in the end, our vision is to bring back the Hollywood to the grandeur that it once enjoyed, and those that entered its doors enjoyed, as well.

. . . . We Could Use Your Help . . . .

Restoring a 1930's theater is not an easy task. Our resources are not unlimited. And sometimes, it seems that the task ahead truly is unlimited. So we are asking for your help, in making The Hollywood Theater part of your life, your lifestyle, and part of the community at large.

Buy a seat. Make a contribution. Purchase a season worth of tickets. Purchase a t-shirt or hoodie!!

Whatever you can do, whatever you can give, will be appreciated not only by our family, but by the entire La Crosse area community. And beyond.

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